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Paumanok's Tasting Room is open for tastings and sales 7 days a week from 11 AM - 6 PM, April through October and 11 AM - 5 PM November through March. Paumanok is closed four days a year: New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Please note, Paumanok will be closing at 3 PM on Saturday, December 24. Paumanok will be CLOSED on Sunday, December 25 and Sunday, January 1.

In the tasting room, our wines are available to sample by the taste, by the glass or by the bottle. A taste is a two ounce serving. Paumanok Club members are not charged for tasting. Click here for a pdf version of our wine list.

If you are new to wine tasting we recommend observing the following practices, for greater enjoyment of your Paumanok experience:
- Avoid chewing gum prior to or during your tasting.
- Avoid smoking prior to tasting.
- Avoid perfumes and colognes.
- Avoid lipstick.
- Moderate your wine consumption by spitting in our spittoons.

We thank you for your interest in visiting Paumanok. We kindly request you observe the following while visiting us:
- No smoking anywhere on the property, both indoors and outdoors, including the parking lot.
- Pets are welcome outdoors only and must be on a leash.
- No alcoholic beverages other than Paumanok wine.
- If you must use your cell phone, please do so outside the tasting room.
- If you wish to dispose of your chewing gum we are happy to provide a napkin.
- Only food and beverages purchased at Paumanok are allowed on the premises.
- No ball throwing or roughhousing.
- No amplified music or amplified electronic devices.
- Children and young adults are welcome when supervised by a parent who is not consuming alcohol.

We do not serve alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age. We check identification, as we are required by law. Similarly, we are prohibited from serving anyone that appears to be intoxicated. This is a judgment call that we are singularly responsible to make and we choose to err on the side of being cautious, for the protection and safety of our customers. Should you be refused a tasting for such a reason we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation. But as we value our customer's opinion we welcome any comments.

While we hope you enjoy our wines in moderation, for the safety of all our guests, we offer the following reminder: It is dangerous to drive a vehicle or operate machinery after drinking alcohol. If you do so you assume full risk of injury and death to yourself and others.

Self-guided Tour - A visit to Paumanok includes the opportunity for a limited self-guided tour. Our tasting room affords views of the vineyards, the barrel cellar and the winemaking installation. No charge. No appointment necessary.

Guided Tour - A tour through the winemaking facilities and explanation of winemaking at Paumanok, about half an hour. $5/person, no charge for children under 5. There is a minimum charge of $75. By appointment only.

Proprietor Tour - An in-depth guided tour of Paumanok's vineyards (weather permitting) and winemaking facilities with one of the owners, Charles or Ursula Massoud, or winemaker Kareem Massoud. The tour runs half an hour to an hour, depending on your time availability. $20/person, $10/person for Paumanok Club members, no charge for children under 5. There is a minimum charge of $150. Proprietor Tours are usually offered on Saturdays and Sundays at 12 PM, May 1 through October 31. By appointment only.

VIP Tour - A VIP Tour starts with a Proprietor Tour as described above. The tour concludes with a private tasting on the balcony overlooking our vineyards, weather permitting. If the weather is not suitable for an outdoor tasting, a private tasting will be arranged in our tank room where the wine is made. The VIP Tour includes a wine tasting featuring one of our tasting flights available that day. The group will be served the same flight. The VIP Tour also includes one chilled bottle of the current vintage of Paumanok Blanc de Blancs served in Riedel crystal Champagne flutes. $50/person, $40/person for Paumanok Club members, no charge for children under 5. There is a minimum charge of $250. VIP Tours are usually offered on Saturdays and Sundays at 12 PM or earlier, May 1 through October 31. By appointment only.

To schedule an appointment for a tour, a completed Group Reservation Form and payment in full are required to confirm your reservation.

Paumanok is a beautiful setting to enjoy a glass of wine with a cheese or charcuterie platter (weather permitting) on our outdoor deck overlooking the vineyards. Click here to view the menu. Paumanok also offers a selection of local and regional cheeses and charcuterie platters as well as fresh, local oysters on Saturdays and Sundays from 2-5pm, beginning Memorial Day Weekend through October. These platters are offered for consumption indoors or outdoors. Coolers and outside food and beverages are not allowed at Paumanok Vineyards. Other than Paumanok wine, no alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on the premises.

Large Groups
Paumanok welcomes all visitors. In order to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone, groups of 7 or more people and any group arriving in a limousine or any hired vehicle must make an appointment. For groups of 7 to 20 people, there is a $20 per person minimum charge. For groups of 21 people or more, there is a $30 per person minimum charge. Group reservations are available between the hours of 10 AM and 1 PM. This is necessitated by our limited staff and facilities. A completed Group Reservation Form and payment in full are required to confirm your reservation.